KITTEN Caterpillar Diagnostic Tool permit assistance

CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Application: the actual software program model is usually 2011A, it's the best diagnostic application regarding KITTEN vehicle, it can assistance just about all cars and trucks of KITTEN.

PLZ decide on Eye-port XP systerm while you put in the actual software program of KITTEN Caterpillar Diagnostic Tool, as it far more easy to perform as well as put in. CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Application coming from Caterpillar produce the actual capability to get into Vapor Handle Modules (ECMs) originating from a personal computer. A variety of job-critical jobs is usually performed together with an electronic assistance application. The consumer can display the actual level of a variety of boundaries (heat, pressures, and many others. )Caterpillar Diagnostic Tool) together, view dynamic as well as very clear logged diagnostics, display the actual configuration of the ECM and many more. The actual assistance application works together some sort of verbal exchanges adapter to allow link with a strong ECM. Some sort of graphical user interface tends to make this particular software program easy to educate yourself as well as user friendly. An outside pull-down palate for each job enhances the actual "ease of use. " The actual model as well as i . d . with the ECM is usually immediately retrieved as well as being viewed with a brief summary display screen once the application is usually commenced. Diagnostic tests as well as calibrations is usually performed.

KITTEN Caterpillar Diagnostic Tool permit assistance large to help reprogram ECMs, reconfigure handle process boundaries, fine tune effectiveness or even spot the fundamental root of failing initially. These kind of highly effective methods permit assistance people to help display as well as review vital effectiveness as well as well being data coming from almost any process immediately as well as precisely. The actual assistance application communicates together with almost any process implementing ATA (J1708), J1939 or even the actual Caterpillar amazing files connection sites. The actual assistance methods produce data as well as features was required to guide some sort of computer professional spot personal injuries as well as conduct maintenance and also to tailor-make as well as modify the actual function of the solution. Simply by permitting clients to style versatility as well as configurability proper solution, Caterpillar assistance methods stretch out over and above the actual features of preprogrammed ECMs or even onboard display systems.

CAT Caterpillar ET Features
Display, chart as well as firewood level boundaries.
Get prognostic files including histograms, motor totals regarding resource employed as well as mile after mile sailed.
View dynamic diagnostics as well as very clear logged diagnostics. View incidents where by irregularities have taken place and have also been logged with the ECM.
Conduct calibrations to improve effectiveness with the ECM.
Tailor-make the actual ECM together with application-specific controls.
Through a hundred made to order Diagnostic, Data as well as Assistance features including:
- 2D as well as still renders Histogram plotting capability (motor software program
assistance required).
- Made to order Level display screen communities
- Snapshots (Down load as well as display overview files noted down with the
- Configuration Guide so that upload/download of very same
configuration to help numerous handle modules.