The way to hook up the GS-911 interface to your BMW motorbike

After your Laptop software program and USB driver are effectively installed and examined, you happen to be wanting to make use of your GS911. Here is how to connect it for your bike.

1.Track down the diagnostic connector.

two.Make sure your interface may be the proper side up plus the connector ring twisted as significantly still left as is possible. Be certain the ignition is OFF at this time as well as the USB cable if possible not related on the GS-911 interface at this stage.

three.Align the receptacle properly (while using the red tab with the base), and insert.

four.Eventually, twist the connector ring as considerably ideal as possible, to lock it in position.

5.Link the USB cable, if making use of USB.

The course of action to disconnect, would be the reverse on the previously mentioned measures.